Ballsbridge Gallery

Located in the centre of Ballsbridge Dublin, Ballsbridge Gallery is a new out of City space selling contemporary Paintings, Drawings and Etchings by Charles Hulgraine artist since 2013.

Charles’ work is shown here exclusively on a regular turn-around basis to ensure vitality. He is always working towards both sole and group shows. As a local artist and architect Charles has completed a large number of City paintings, some locally but the range of works also show the West of Ireland and Andalusia Spain where he paints regularly.

Charles holds firm that an artists painting and drawing technique gives a direct insight into how the artist approaches his subjects, the environment, life values and mortality.Diverse materials ranging from oils,acrylics,pastels,watercolours,collage and graphite are merged into the aesthetic in a deliberate dialogue.In the more abstract works there is less of an image and more of a situation. He also believes that the role of the artist is to recognise significant marks as they occur, knowing what to retain or expand,by scavenging and disturbing the surface of things.

The artist fundamentally aspires to the ordered approach in artmaking, but this is never allowed to impede his production of entirely contemporary works. To this extent Charles avoids a landmark recognisable format as is evident and liberally paints what he sees everyday,welcoming comment.

Charles recently completed working on various Art projects on the subject of the 1916 Rising Centenary – most recently his highly successful series of paintings –  ‘ 11 Garrisons 1916’ – at The Ambassador Theatre, O’Connell Street Dublin, from Mar 3rd – Oct 16th, 2016. A commemorative poster of this exhibition is on sale by request at the gallery.

Ballsbridge Gallery regularly take on *commissions of site specific landscapes,situations and portraits.            086 2492 316